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The difficulty of choosing which server is best suited for your project. We have the right server for everyone, from VPS over root servers to game servers.

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Your ZAP-Hosting Cloud Gameserver will be setup automatically within minutes. You are able to switch between all offered games with only some clicks every time. We will compare the booked slotprice with the slotprice of the new game. If it is lower, your slots will be upgraded automatically without any costs! If the new game is more expensive per slots, your are able to upgrade your slotprice. All steam games will be checked every 5 minutes for any updates. If there is an update, you will be informed trough our webinterface. Easy update your gameserver with two clicks. Use our search function to find your game! If your game is not available yet, go to "Game request". We will integrate your game within some days and inform you by e-mail. All Cloud gameservers are ultra flexible and DDoS protected. Order now and start playing on your own server in 5minutes! 

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